A Glimpse from the Pen of Hausa Women Writers



Ibrahim A.M. Malumfashi[1]


 The gender debate in Northern Nigeria for the past four decades has been focusing on the marginalization of women in political affairs, their unaccounted contribution to the national economies they found themselves in; lack of, or inaccessibility to education, differentials in cultural constructs, especially, in what is regarded as “male” and “female” work etc. This is debated based on research, campaigns, sensitization and the awareness created by governments, National and International Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s).


This presentation attempts to discuss and analyze various dimensions of Northern Nigerian women’s creative writings. Attention is focused on making a textual description of the role of Northern Nigerian women as it relates to imaginative literature, with emphasis on the space or environment they have to deal with, as well as discussing the various identities and paradoxes we can glimpse in the claim of literary plenty.


The presentation also explores the relationship of Northern Nigerian women writers with their art, gauging their commitment to their work, and to society, and to find out the aesthetics and cultural experiences from where they derive their inspiration.


The hope of this presentation is that through it we will have a glimpse of how Northern Nigeria women writers look at political, economic social and most especially gender related issues, in a society or environment dominated by men.