Nasara Bello Dogon Daji[1]





Design is the creation of plan or convention for construction of an object, or a system as an architectural blueprint. It is a visual communication in form of design. Traditional designers use various method like creating words, symbols, images, graphs to create a visual representation. A designer may use a combination of typography, visual arts to produce a final result. Some Hausa women as their counterparts in other part of the world acquire this skill of design in the name of “zanenkorai” as one of the peculiar craft of women in Hausa society. One of the importants of this design as discovers by this paper is it create cultural identities of the societies. This paper attempts to explore these identities as a precursor of Hausa traditional design, adopted by Hausa women as a Skill to earn a living.


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Department of Nigerian languages,Sokoto State University,Sokoto Nigeria