DanoBalarabeBunza[1]&Umar AliyuBunza[2]



              Physical appearance is among the qualities that can identifies whichever tribe a person belongs to. Virtually, the physical appearance of every person depends upon his cultural identity that can quickly make other people to recognize him as a member of specific tribe. A true Hausa man appearance differed from a non-Hausa man. The paper intends to discuss the cultural identity of Hausa people as an entity which make them unique and at the same time different from other tribes. The paper will lay emphasis on the dress code of Hausa people which serve as an avenue through which one can identify a true Hausa Man.  Again, the paper also attempt to discuss the influence of Hausa Native Speakers on non-Hausas with respect to dress code. More so, Hausa women physical appearance of the olden days will also be discussed as compared to that of the modern time. In conclusion, the paper will look at some key issues that differentiate a  Hausa and non-Hausa person.

[2]Department of Nigerian Languages,UsmanuDanfodiyo university, Sokoto


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