A Case of Fulfulde in Nigeria


                   Yahaya Mohammed Ahmed[1]




            Invention of new information technology made the world to become digitally controlled. The digital revolution has spread throughout the world and into many homes and businesses. Globalisation is a result of this information technology which is now basic of our daily activities. However, globalisation seems to demand complete transformation of the society with its impact on language, culture and traditions of the native peaker which can be detected in every aspect of life. This paper aims to examine recent phenomena that reveals some of the deep-rooted changes in Fulves culture and language in the context of globalisation. These changes include destruction of the tenents of pulaaku and decrease in language value. Thee ill be dicued based on Tomlison (2003) and Vaish (2007 aqnd 2010) approaches.  


[1]Department of Linguistics, Bayero University, Kano

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